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Electrical Distribution System (EDS)

Working with CAD and electrics software requires basic knowledge of the operating principles of EDS engineering. This workshop lays the groundwork for both tools. Wiring electric components is another key element of designing electrical distribution systems. ELENA stands for Electrical Engineering Application, a software used for merging both CAD routing and wiring data.

  • Electrical Distribution System Engineering (EDS) Engineering

Ldorado Harness Lab®

Based on ELENA data, Ldorado Harness Lab® is a software for unbundling drawings as well as managing AEMs (change reports). This workshop lays the groundwork for working with Ldorado and managing change reports.

  • Ldorado Harness Lab® Basics
  • Ldorado Harness Lab® DiÄD (Change Management)

High Voltage

High-voltage systems are becoming increasingly important in electric vehicles (EV). Handling high-voltage systems requires special approaches as well as safety instructions. Both are dealt with in this workshop.

  • High Voltage


EDS engineering primarily utilizes CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, particularly in 3D routing and automotive components designing. Here, the most common tool is Catia® V5 by Dassault Systems. This workshop shows how the tool is used.

  • Catia® - Basics
  • Catia® - Automotive Components Engineering
  • Catia® - Routing

MS Office®

In EDS engineering, you're not less interested in having a smoothly running system than in any other business. That's why we avail ourselves of MS Office® programs which help us manage our daily office tasks. From business communication and scheduling meetings via email (MS Office® Outlook) to managing spreadsheets (MS Office® Excel) and giving presentations (MS Office® PowerPoint), addcademy offers a wide spectrum of workshops for both beginners and advanced users.

  • MS Office® Excel
  • MS Office® Outlook
  • MS Office® PowerPoint


Communication is everything - particularly in a global market. As your staff is growing international, so is your business. Precise communication is the key if you want to shake hands on a deal with anyone anywhere in the world. That's why we've started offering in-house English and German classes to add solution's employees. Whether you're a beginner, already well-advanced or only need to freshen up your presentations skills - our English and German teacher will get the job done.

  • Business English and German communication courses on CEF levels A1 to C1.
  • Special Workshops on CEF levels B1 to B2, for example, English for the Automotive Industry, English for Emails, English for Trade Fairs
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Our coaches have gathered longtime experience in various topics. Their knowledge will directly avail you in your projects. We're looking forward to assisting you - right there, right now.

Personalized Offers

Still haven't found the right workshop for you? You're looking for an intensive workshop or want to train your staff on particular programs only? No problem - get in touch with us and we will devise a program tailored exclusively to your needs.

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addcademy is the in-house training institution of add solution. We offer you the latest in everything you need to know about EDS (Electrical Distribution Systems), from various software programs to all related tools. What separates us from others? Our trainers know the ropes not only from the books but from the field - they teach what they work with - day in, day out. If you want to combine state-of-the-art knowledge with hands-on training, addcademy is your choice.

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